4 Questions a New Yoga Teacher Needs To Ask Themselves




There is a great quote that says ”Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe’‘ that was in an inscription on the Greek temple at Delphi.  It might be a little over dramatic when it comes to knowing what kind of teacher you want to be, but it is still a very useful quote to think about in any aspects of our lives. 

I feel like many people dont know themselves for the simple reason that they never actually just sit and ask questions to their own self and reflect upon them. The only way to really get to know you is to become familiar with your thoughts and reflections without judging them. This can be achieved during meditation where you choose one question and you try to reflect on it for a certain amount of time. With some practice you will eventually start to recognize the pattern of thoughts that run through your mind when you think about a specific subject therefor, you’ll be aware of the feelings they arise. 

During my teacher training in Costa Rica with Jivani school , we did an exercise  that I wanna share with you because I find it is very useful when it comes to figuring out what kind of teacher you will be once you step into the real -outside your training – world. 

First , grab a notebook or piece of paper where you can write these questions and mindfully answer them. There are no wrong answers, just simply write down what comes to your mind. 



If you think it is hard to find yourself 3-4 qualities, then maybe you can ask someone who you trust and you know could give you some feedbacks. Sometimes it helps to have an opinion from someone else so you get an ”outside”look of yourself. It can also be qualities you aspire to develop. Once you write down your qualities, you will see that the rest is a piece of cake, its actually from this that you’ll be able to market yourself as a yoga teacher and attract the people you wanna work with. Your qualities reveal a lot more of yourself than you may think , so start writing them down and pick 2 of them that will be your guide lines in respect of what kind of teacher you wanna be.



Now hold up, you might be thinking this question is silly because youre a now certified yoga teacher so you know you wanna teach yoga. But as we all know there are 10 000 different forms of yoga and you need to choose what type is that you enjoy the most and that you wanna share with the world. For example, I know for me , I enjoy practicing in hot rooms and flowing through the poses. As someone who is dynamic, young and full of energy, I really love power flows and teaching them make me feel comfortable because it is what I know to do best. So ask yourself, what yoga do you mostly enjoy? Not the one that is the more popular or what you think you – should- be teaching, but what do YOU want to teach? Sit with this one for a while. 


Now that youve narrowed down what type of yoga you wanna teach, the question is WHO do you wanna teach? Creating a type of ” niche ” audience will help you find them but most importantly it will allow you to create a message that will make them find you.For example, you might want to teach prenatal yoga classes, so you would most likely wanna work with pregnant women (duh! ). Create a list of characteristics of what kind of people you wanna attract to your classes. 


You know what you wanna teach, who you wanna teach, now focus on what do you wanna exude. What is the message you want to put out there? You want to create an image that when people think about a certain subject they will automatically think about you! For example, whenever I go to take a yoga class and I see the name of the teacher, I kinda know where the class is gonna go or what to expect. You wanna be upfront with your students so they dont come up with the wrong idea of youre message. For me , I wanna be known as a teacher who gives fun and grounding power flow yoga classes,to strengthen the body and mind& also is very careful to meet students half way and is attentive to their needs. 


Now all you gotta do is take all of this and make it your own and BELIEVE in yourself as already being an experienced , great yoga teacher! Because you live up to whatever you think of yourself , even if you dont feel ready, you are, you just need to take a deep breath and go for it darling!  You got this 😉 

love & light, always!




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