5 Ways To Feel Better In The Morning

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I gotta say I am not a people’s morning person, which means that I love mornings and I have no problem waking up earlier ( unless there is no coffee) and do things in the morning. But I dont like having to talk ( or see) people as soon as I wake up :P. I really enjoy having time by myself to acclimate to the new day ahead and just get my shit together, lets be real.

I have been doing this 5 things in the morning for a while now and it has been pretty helpful in multiple ways. I feel happier, more energized, less anxious and just ready to take on the day. If youre not a morning person , or night person or heck youre not even sure if youre A person , keep on reading and see if this 5 tips helps you out a little.

Hereeee we goooooooooo


I realized one of the main things people ( and by people I am definitely including myself) complain about is not to have enough time in the morning. Which might be true , but there is ALWAYS a way to make more time for whatever you wanna do. For example, how much time do you spend on your cell phone in the morning? And I mean from the second you open your eyes, aren’t we all a little guilty to take our phones and just start scrolling up and down seeing what we’ve missed during the last 6-8 hours we were a sleep?! Checking emails , watching snapchat and the list goes on and on and on.

What I realized is how much time I was in reality, wasting, on my cell phone. So I started to let go of my phone in the morning, and it was pretty challenging during down moments like – when Im waiting for my coffee to brew – Im just waiting around like an addict and I used to take my cellphone and tried to fill up that moment. But in reality I could be getting other shit done instead of being on my phone.

Things to do instead of being on your phone 

  • Read a book 
  • Make a list of things to do 
  • listen to a motivational podcast or affirmations
  • Try to meditate 
  • Take a shower
  • Stretch 
  • Write a blog :p 
  • Talk to your cat 

And I could go on and on…..be creative!! I promise you are still gonna function even after unplugging for a little while.


I know that the perspective of waking up super hippie happy at 6am in the morning might not be super delightful, but even if you hate waking up early in the morning, the truth is your day depends on the perspective you meet it up with. If you are in a bad mood since minute 0, than dont expect your day to go any better as it moves forward.

One thing we need to clear out – right now- is that thoughts are only thoughts and we can change them , just smiling while youre still in bed , and taking the time to acknowledge that youre actually alive to greet another day – something that we pretty much all take for granted- so take the time to smile to yourself, and say OUT LOUD ” TODAY IS GONNA BE THE BEST DAY EVER! And smile. Just that my friend, is gonna change your whole day in a second.


If youre already waking up with the sun than , dont do this. But if you see that you can wake up a little earlier ( even if its 10-15 mins) to just do nothing.  We can call it meditate , but it gives you more time to eaaaaaseee into the day rather than just waking up on time and having to run-run-run-run-run and go. So lets maaaaaaake some time,  go to bed a little earlier, wake up little earlier, you make the rules.


Drinking water is the best thing you can ever do as soon as you wake up, remember you havent had any liquids for the last 8 hours so your brain neeeeeeddss this. Liquid doesnt mean coffee , it means H20. Drink at least a glass of water as soon as you wake up. It balances your mood, gives you energy and you just feel great. Im not gonna go on and on about how amazing water is cause we all know it, now you just have to do it.

5. Streeeeeeeeeetch 

I know that in a perfect world we would all have time to meditate, drink water with chlorophyll and rose petals in it, meditate with the sunrise , eat grapes and do yoga by the beach ( sight) but in the real world  that might not the be the case for everyone  ( unless you live near a beach….than thats awesome.) But it doesn’t mean that you cant take 5 mins in the morning to just stretch your body – it has been a sleep for a little while and putting some movements in it just helps to debunk a little and feel energized.

If you cant go to a yoga class or workout in the morning at least stretch for a little while, or just do some movements like doing circles with your ankles, hands, neck, shoulders. Than placing one hand on your chest , one on your belly and just do some 3 part breath starting with the lower belly – middle and chest. After you can inhale lift your arms, exhale fold forward , catch your toes and pull so you release stress in your lower back.

There are plenty of stretches you can do and they dont have to be super elaborate, the plan here is to get the blood flowing a little and saying heelllooooo to your joints , muscles, tendons etc 😉

I hope you try these out and let me know if it helped in any way , you can find me on insta (check the ”Contact me” section) and if you need more tips or you wanna share what works for you feel free to leave me a comment!!

Until next time,

Light & love always,

Veronica ❤ xo



2 Comments Add yours

  1. That is so true about hydration! I drink a huge glass of water with the juice of 1/2 lemon first thing in the morning (some people say the lemon helps your liver; I think it just helps make it easier to chug so much water first thing). It makes me feel so much better almost instantly, and I can really tell a difference on the day I don’t do it. Great post!


    1. veronicaaaag says:

      Me too!!It makes a huuuuge difference! Being dehydrated is the cause of so many problems like headaches, tiredness , bad mood etc!!! I do lemon and water as well & its fab! 😀


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