5 Tricks To Tap Into Source Energy And Center Yourself Anywhere.



If you had all the money in the world and knew that you coudnt fail, what would you attempt to do?

So many of us stop before even trying because fear of failure is bigger than the desire of acting upon our dreams.  When were little we don’t think about the future too much , we just live in the present moment and are usually very genuine with our reactions and connected with our feelings. Everything seemed more simple, all you wanted to do was play and be happy. What is funny is that adults now say things like ” youre not a kid anymore” and ”grow up” or ”You cant have fun all the time”but why is that?! What made our world so bitter that we cant have fun all the time and we cant just be happy and living for a living?! When we connect ourselves with our essence we realize that everything exterior from us doesnt define us and that being connected with your emotions and living each and every moment in the present to its best capacity allows you to let go of the unknown and doubts and fears. The child within us is always there, ready to surge out but we keep pushing it away to stay in the shape society mold us into.

The moment you were asked as a child ” What do you wanna do when you grow up” is the moment they plant the seed of the ”not enough” in your mind. Suddenly what youre doing right now is not so important, what matters is what you’ll do then.From that moment on every little thing you do will be so that you can become something in the future that society will approve of and you will get paid for.

But your inner child knows and  you go to sleep at night feeling anxious and wake up in the morning anxious , not really knowing why. You go to school or you go to work , and you don’t really know why. All you know is that ”you cant have fun”all the time and that life is hard and you have to earn your living.

Society have put up such a masterpiece in order to control us all, they did an excellent job into tricking us and making us feel like we have absolutely no power to influence our lives events.  And by thinking that you actually stop connecting with your power, your thoughts. You spend your time watching tv shows that do nothing but feed your mind with nonsense and negativity, you consume the flesh&bloods from dead tortured animals and then get sick and then wonder why all this is happening to you and that you must really be a victim that just turned out to be so unlucky. And the best part is that you think society is the reason youre so sick, when in reality, the moment you decided to stop following your dreams or the moment you gave up on your health by eating fast food, crap food, youve put yourself in the position of victim. You gave up on yourself. You didnt care enough to ask questions, to see in between the lines. You cannot control the external events but you certainly can control how you react to them.

Our bodies and mind are so intelligent and they want us to reconnect with the inner child that KNOW better. The one that believed in magic and knew miracles happened. The one that could have fun with nothing for hours! Find your inner child and never let it go. No matter what people tell you. You are powerful and able to create the life you want by changing your mindset. Every single day, connect with yourself and know you are safe and loved in this present moment. You are safe and love and exactly where you need to be!

5 tricks to tap into source energy and reclaim your power .


One of the easiest and fastest way of ressourcing yourself is by disconnecting from the virtual world. Turning your cellphone off, turning the tv off and just close your eyes and breathe. One hand on the belly, one hand on the chest and start breathing in 3 parts , first the lower belly hold for a second, then the middle and hold, and last inhale in your chest, hold, and let go slowly. Do this as long as you feel like your energy is rising, you feel lighter and present.

 GO outside .

If you live surrounded by greens or you live in a busy city it doesnt matter, chances are if you go for a walk or even do a little research you can find a parc or a place that is a little quieter than usual.  Try finding a tree or gardening ,reconnecting with mother earth Gaïa can be extremely beneficial to tap into your source energy, what better way than going straight to the source? Its a great way to take care of the earth in gratitude of her taking care of you.

 Read a good book

Reading is often one of my ” go to’S ” when I feel like I need a little boost of positivism or just a little inspiration. This might be different for everyone but for me, when I go into a library I feel like I am amongst so much knowledge and that its just at the tip of my fingers.Reading in difference of watching a movie or a documentary gives your brain the opportunity to create images and think for itself without having images bombarding your nervous system. 10-15 mins of reading a book per day instead of watching your phone can do wonders.

 Do yoga/dance/walk/ any physical activity that you enjoy!!

Yoga is my favourite thing to do when it comes to moving my body, its the perfect time for me to just let go of any expectations and truly be present with my breath , hold space for my body and mind. When I do yoga I am in my own little world that revolves around my breath, my being, my existence. Whenever you move your body and you are truly aware of it, you are honouring and celebrating YOU! It will immediately improve your mood, make you feel more peaceful and connected to your inner being.

Be here now.

The best way to truly reclaim your power, rise your vibration and tap into your source energy its to be in the present. Reliving your past or stressing about your future are the two things that will make you feel trap! And when you feel trap you have a tendency of seeing the world with negative eyes. Changing your perspective and meeting everyday with new eyes will help you create a mindful connection not only with yourself but with the people that surround you. This is something that we all have to work on more, myself including , its  about acknowledging when your thoughts are drifting away from the present moment or you find yourself feeling anxious or sad about the future. You dont have to try to push them away, they eventually will, but simply shifting your attention into something that is happening right.now. Sometimes closing your eyes and breathing will help you reconnect and land in your body/ space…wherever you are!!

Hope this helps, let me know in the comment section what YOU do to tap into source energy?



Until next time,

Light & love always!


Veronica ❤

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