1- How long have you been vegan? Were you vegetarian before becoming vegan?
Ive been vegetarian for 1 years prior to becoming vegan. And then made the switch to veganism about 2 years ago.

2- Why did you decide to make that change in your life? (Health problem, animals rights etc.)
I decided to become vegetarian at first because of animal welfare, Ive always loved animals so much and treated my cat like my own child and would never have imagined hurting any living being. That is when I made the connection with my food, why was I eating chikens and cows and pigs but adoring cats and dogs and horses. It didn’t make sense anymore. I thought by being vegeterian I was doing good to the animals but after watching a couple documentaries like Cowspiracy, earthlings and Vegaeducated, I saw not only the cruelty in the meat industry but the even more cruel and barbaric methods behind the dairy products. Also listening to Gary Yourofski ‘’ Best speech you’ll ever hear’’ video and making some researchs on my own about the impact it had not only on the animals but the environnement and our overall health, it was only the most logical final step to make towards veganism. Therefore,I would say im vegan for the animals, vegan for the planet and vegan for my heatlh.

3- Did someone inspire you to make the change? (Did a friend, co-worker, family member incite you in becoming vegan because they are vegan?)

Theres many things that made me change my lifestyle, first my sister became a vegetarian when I was about 18 years old, and its something that really intrigued me because I never made the connection with my food and the animals before that, as silly as it may sound. But its not something you think about really often being in a society that is profoundly based on animal exploitation, with all the propaganda about meat and cheese and ‘’ got milk?’’ going on it is normal to think that its normal. So when my sister made the change we saw her transformation and how good she felt spiritualy and physically and how it had completely changed her life. I watched some documentaries and read a lot of article and I would recommend THE CHINA STUDY, which is a book written by some of the most recognize nutritionist and scientist in nutrition and doctors, worldwide, explaining how a vegan diet is the best way to thrive to live a healthy life and how really dangerous it is for humans to consumme so animal products. And again Gary Yourofski has been one of the main inspirations and influences in my life that helped me become a vegan and understand the impact our daily 5 times a day decisions on what to eat, has on the animals and the planet.

How did you make the change (was it progressive or drastic) and was it difficult or not? (Did you get help from someone or do you have a mentor?!)
4- How did your family (friend) react? (Are they supportive or against it?) It was easier for me because my whole family, except my father, became vegetarian as the same time as my sister. But then me and my mom are the only ones that turned fully vegan.

5- How did veganisme impact your health and life choice?

Living a compassionate lifestyle has been a blessing in my life knowing that you are making a significant difference 5times a day, everyday. Taking a stand and saying NO to violence, descrimination, rape and separating families. Were all connected. I profoundly believe that they are here WITH us and not FOR us. The question is why should we minimize their existence based on the way they look or communicate or their intelligence. LIFE is a sacred gift from God and the universe why do humans feel the right to choose who is worth the miracle. Our fellow EARTHLINGS are only capable of love, they are so pure and innocent we should take care of them not use them, eat them and abuse them.

I also never felt healthier in my life, I coudnt even run 15mins now I easily run 10k per day, I have no anxiety or lack of energy. Im always in a good mood and it just brings you to another level of compassion and connection with the world around.

6.What advice do you want to give to someone who wants to become vegan? I would tell them to follow their heads and mind, because veganism is more natural then we think. Its all about getting information, knowing why you do it, discovering new foods every day or so and just experience food and life and have fun with it. Also to connect with the vegan community on multiple social media.

7. Do you sometimes miss not being vegan? Do you miss some of your past favorite meal?
I would never go back to eating any animal product ever again as you may now know by reading the frigging book I wrote hahaha (you can cut this from the article :p) But no I do not miss eating death bodies, hens menstruations (eggs) female cows unsanitary mammals secration (milk) , and or any other by products coming from those barbaric, cruel, unnecessary, unhealthy foods. Plus I focus on the new things I get to eat and the wonderful foods I discover rather than what I cant eat. Ive never eaten so many different things ever since becoming vegan. There plenty vegan restaurants and vegan supermarkets & also veggie options in the regular supermarkets. Plus vegan desserts are out of this world !

PEACE!! #govegan #stayvegan #whyamIhashtaging #yolo

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